Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ALAS DUBSTEP SPECIAL ft. N-TYPE 10.11.06@rose garden

Sunday, October 22, 2006

On The Regz, 4.11 @ Kuudes Linja. Faction G, Blay-Z & DJ Mika (The Comittee, UK) + Dead Boys Massive, Kylmä & SRKKPJT...

On The Regz goes down again! This time with guests from North London.

Faction G, Blay-Z & DJ Mika (The Comittee, UK) will be performing live, with the support of Dead Boys Massive MC's, DJ's, Kylmä & SRKKPJT. Alongside with the purifying bass of Grime and Dubstep, Crunk and Hyphy is also to be heard, so with no doubt, there's going to be a big night with lots of energy and good vibes.

Check out the links below for Faction G's new downloadable mixtape, artist MySpaces and general info. On The Regz takes place @ Kuudes Linja (Hämeentie 13, Helsinki). Tickets 9€, no advance.

Faction G - Fact Of Matter - Mixtape download

The Comittee MySpace

Faction G MySpace

Blay-Z MySpace

DJ Mika MySpace

Bring your lighters!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wiley - Tunnel Vision vol. 1 & 2 + Logan Sama's War Report. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Wiley has been a busy man. After a big fuzz about internet downloads and bootlegs, he has decided to let people get their hands on his two newest mixtapes the easy way. As he recently got signed to Big Dada records, these two mixtapes will make a Wiley-fan wait for his album (initially planned to be released in early 2007) like a fat kid for the ice cream truck!

Both of these mixtapes are bare bangers! The Eskiboy is also responsible for all of the production himself, except for few tracks... anyway, download and tell a friend!

Wiley - Tunnel Vision vol. 1 & 2 DOWNLOAD

Also, the head man of 'Adamantiun Records', Logan Sama, has put a free CD out in the puplic share. It's called 'The War Report', and it has 16 tracks of bare sending! Back and forth between Wiley, Scorcher, Ghetto, Jammer, Devlin, Frisco and a special dub from 'quiet-for-a-long-time'-God's Gift. No funny chat, just clashing. Listen to the War Report and get updated about one of the biggest hype that has shook London to the day. This whole clash appears to have driven the artists to a point where there's no room for an average tune, so I won't be lieing when I tell you that this CD right here is one of the best releases in the scene at the moment.

Logan Sama presents - The War Report DOWNLOAD

Get it spread!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Dead Kidd - The Mind Is Dark (Grime mix-CD). New release from Dead Boys!

A new release on road now. 'The Mind Is Dark' stands for the atmosphere that this release has all the way thru. Dead Kidd likes it bassy and dark! It's a pressed CD with a full-coloured carton sleeve and 80 minutes of sound. A big selection of tunes from various artists, made in between 04-06. There's also an exclusive riddim by Kidd to be heard...
7€, Available @ The Funkiest & Lifesaver. Also via E-mail:

Dead Kidd - The Mind Is Dark:

1. wiley - eskimo (devil mix)
2. wiley ft. roll deep, ruff sqwad & murkle man - sidewinder
3. dj garna ft. jammer - swordstyle
4. p jam ft. d double e - anger management
5. dizzee rascal & durty doogz - stretch
6. lewi white - death 2 dem
7. essentials ft. j2k & dynasty - state your name
8. jammer - rude boy
9. slew dem - grime rmx
10. slew dem - grime (wiley vocals)
11. demon ft. kano - gangsta toyz
12. dead kidd - the mind is dark
13. shot city ft. devlin - april showers
14. gully rainjah - anger management
15. wonder - what (geeneus rmx)
16. black jack ft. no lay, hyper & nj - straight off the block
17. slew dem - war ting
18. ruff sqwad - bring it down
19. team shadetek ft. 77klash & jahdan - brooklyn anthem
20. frisco ft. skepta - we don't believe you
21. dj mex ft. flirta d - control
22. chronik - way down the road
23. dj shotz - cold inside
24. jme - gangsters rmx
25. s.k.i.t.z beats - battle riddim (tempa t vocals)
26. frisco ft. skepta - i dare you
27. skepta ft. boy better know, jammer, footsie & bearman - duppy
28. neckle camp - straight necklin' intro
29. neckle camp ft. blacks - not in sight

Check it out!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

TMU's Subsession blog. Get to know what Dubstep is all about...

Dead Boys - member, TMU, a Dubstep warrior from morning, opened his own blogspot that's mainly focused on the deepest atmospheres of London. On the level like Super Mario!

Check out his SUBSESSIONS and download the 'Goodbye summer' Subsess-mix pt.1! More mixes will be added on a regular basis, and also updates from various topics. Big up TMU!

Can't stop the roots of dubstep from spreading and growing... Sound from the ground.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ON THE REGZ, Friday 18.8. ft. Logan Sama (UK) @ Liberte, Helsinki

On the 18th day (Friday) On The Regz goes down once again @ Liberte, Helsinki. This time There's going to be a night of bare specials & anthems! Logan Sama is without a doubt, one of the biggest DJ in the grimescene. From pirateradios to Kiss 100 FM. The biggest radiostation that's based on various genres and forms of urban music & sound. No bullshit, here's a man who's really on a ting. Hard to name another man who has done as much work for the whole grimescene as Logan Sama... That's why we are more than happy to let him hit a reload in Finland.

Logan Sama is also the man behind 'Adamantium Music'. The label is responsible for such releases as Wiley - Gangsters 12" & Scorcher - Simply The Best - mixtape. He's also a reporter for Londons biggest grime-based magazine named 'RWD', where you can find him writing about events, news and the whole scene in general.

We are honoured to present such a big event like this one! Logan Sama is a living example of how a DJ can f*ck up a rave period. Mad specials and exclisives! You don't want to miss this one... can't stop the energy.

Logan Sama MySpace

Logan Sama BlogSpot

Friday 18.8 @ Liberte, Helsinki. Tickets 9 euros. Advance The Funkiest, Lifesaver & Stupido.

Nothing random!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ALAS DUBSTEP SPECIAL ft. N-TYPE 11.08.06@rose garden

This time Alas presents to you a great dubstep producer and dj: N-TYPE! A lot of dubstep has been played in the past Alas nights but this time it's going to be pure woofer wreckin'! A man of many dubplates and the greatest comedy show in dubstep, presented on London's Rinse FM, N-Type is the perfect messenger to bring dubstep into these shores from the streets of South London.